Why use acoustical insulation?

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Acoustical InsulationAcoustical insulation is the cheapest and easiest way decrease the sound transmission through your walls. This can have a lasting improvement on your quality of life.

Do I Need Soundproofing?

Odds are, you need it more than you know. Studies show that most people sleep better and feel better between walls with high soundproofing ratings. This holds true even for people who don’t consciously think that sound is affecting their lives. Soundproofing improves sleep and gives better feelings of security and privacy. It helps you leave the outside world where it belongs, outside.

Acoustical Insulation versus Other Soundproofing Methods

Acoustical insulation is in the middle of the pack when it comes to effective soundproofing methods. The higher-end and more expensive methods involve alterations to the structure of your walls. For example, the most common soundproofing method used by studios and the like is to build a wall with staggered studs so that each stud only touches one side of the wall. This prevents sound from being carried through studs to the other side of the walls. Another method popular in office buildings is the use of rigid alloy metal studs. However, neither of these options are feasible in the average home renovation.

On the cheap end of the scale are “damping” wall coverings and drywall. Damping is the muffling effect that some materials have on sound waves. The damping effect of fabric is the reason for fabric coverings of office cubicles. Wall hangings, fabric-based wall textures, and damping drywall will all have a similar effect on your house. Some contractors can also apply special membranes over drywall to increase its damping effect. However, these methods will not have as great an effect as acoustical insulation.

Acoustical insulation is the middle ground. It is fibreglass insulation packed to a specific density. It is dense enough to have a good damping effect, but not so dense that it vibrates as a solid object.

How Effective is Acoustical Insulation?

Acoustical insulation will reduce the total sound carried by to standard wall by around 25%.  If this doesn’t sound like much, try a little experiment.  Turn your television to your favorite channel on a normal volume.  Go to the next room and concentrate on how loud the sound is.  Then go back and lower the volume by 25%, then go into the next room again.  That is the difference that acoustical insulation makes.  Most people doing this experiment find that a 25% lower volume is barely audible.

Combined with damping drywall, this should be enough to improve your quality of life.  There is no reason to rebuild your walls like a sound studio when a quick drywall and insulation replacement will do the trick.

Other Benefits

Acoustical insulation has a very high R-rating, meaning it acts like a Thermos for your house.  This saves you money in both summer and winter. It also increases the resale value of your house.

Where to Buy

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