Alberta's Booming Housing Market and the Need for Easy Access to Drywall Supplies

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There is no doubting the growth Alberta has witnessed in recent years. By many accounts, the province boasts one of the strongest and most stable economies in all of Canada, which has led to marked population growth in the last decade. Many experts believe Alberta will see increased growth in the coming years, in terms of both residential and commercial expansion. That being said, the need for builders and developers to have quick access to building materials, namely drywall supplies, is crucial. Simply put, if the latter is not readily available on a consistent basis, a potential halt in growth could be experienced. Many residents want to move to Alberta due to its debt free economy and abundance of jobs. This has put due pressure on builders to construct new residential developments. Keeping up with the influx of Canadians may prove to be a problem, however, if a readily available supply of necessary building equipment is not present.

What has led to the rise in Alberta’s Housing Market?

It is widely understood that people will go where money is. This is not a statement in regards to human greed, but rather the longing for a good standard of living. What makes Alberta so lucrative are its key industries, namely the petroleum, agriculture and technology fields. With plenty of high-paying jobs, residents of Alberta enjoy a great deal of disposable income. It does not take an expert to realize why people are essentially flocking to the province. However, if developers lack quick access to drywall supplies, they may be forced to increase the prices of the homes they are building. In a worst-case scenario, this could potentially lead to a slow-down in Alberta’s expansion. To provide affordable housing to its growing numbers, the province must have enough homes available for years to come. According to Troy Media, “Wages have been rising steadily, migration figures are at boom time levels and ultra low-interest rates persist. All of these are factors that increase the affordability of housing in the province” (Troy Media). Nevertheless, housing costs cannot remain where they are (or at least prevent large prices increases) if developers don’t have easy access to building materials such as drywall supplies.

The only way this will be possible is to consistently launch new housing projects. Developers are under a tight deadline that will not wait, which is why they have to have reliable supply of labor and materials. Bulk drywall suppliers are a godsend in this sense, as they can deliver much needed tools and equipment right to job sites. Given that many of these firms offer free delivery on orders over a set price amount, this ultimately saves a considerable amount of time and money for builders. This in turn will allow the latter to keep housing prices down, which means Alberta will remain anrelatively affordable place to live for a diverse number of Canadians.

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