Best products for soundproofing a room

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soundproof a room

If you need to soundproof a room in your home, there are a few products worth checking out. To reduce noise coming in from external factors and to prevent sound from travelling inside a space, a few things can be done. A quiet room is relaxing and inviting, and for many homeowners it is also a key selling point. If you live in the city or anywhere where noise can be an issue, soundproofing a room is a great way to increase equity and make your home more attractive to buyers. It is definitely an investment to consider.

In general, the things that will work best in this respect are the thickness and insulation capacity of your walls. There are many specialty insulation products that are designed specifically for soundproofing. These materials are used in a range of applications, including sound studios and theater rooms. Most people are surprised at how effective insulation alone for keeping sound out as well as minimizing its effect inside a space. Here are some of the best products available for soundproofing.

The Best Soundproofing Products

  • Roxul Safe’N’Sound
  • OC QuietZone
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Green Glue & Drywall

Roxul Safe’N’Sound is a type of wall insulation that is perfect for residential and commercial application. It is made out of steel wool, which is known for its noise absorption properties. It is lightweight and non-combustible, which is always something you want to look out for. This insulation can be installing in walls or ceilings; it is versatile and effective.

OC QuietZone is another type of wall insulation; it is mostly made from recycled materials and has excellent sound dampening capabilities. It is meant to be used in residential construction applications where framing spaces are 16” apart. The key benefit to this product is that it can be installed in floors as well as walls and ceilings. This is perfect if you live on an upper level apartment or condo, or if you simply want to keep things quiet between the levels in your home.

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a specialty product that is installed directly on drywall. It is a heavy-duty vinyl rubber that absorbs a significant amount of noise in addition to preventing external sounds from coming in. Be sure to consult a contractor if you are unsure of how to install this material. It is not something that should be attempted alone, as the vinyl is heavy and needs to be placed correctly on the drywall.

Green Glue & Drywall is another material that is added to drywall; it basically is a type of glue that is added between layers of drywall to increase sound dampening. It goes directly between the layers to provide an extra barrier. Green Glue is often considered one of the best products in this regard, as it is cost-effective and it works great.

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