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We Provide:
  • Boom & Carry in Service (Drywall/Insulation)
  • Roof Top Deliveries (Roofing Products)
  • Next Day Delivery
  • A New Fleet of Equipment plus Experienced Delivery Personnel
  • Drywall, Insulation, Steel, Finishing Products, Shingles, etc.
  • Experienced Delivery Personnel

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1-800 Drywall and Roofing 2U would like you to acknowledge the following information as it pertains to a delivery. Avoiding damage to the home owner's property and the safety of our delivery personnel are our primary concerns. To accommodate this we require the following: 


  • A large enough stairwell, reasonable window access or a walkout to accommodate the selected drywall sheet length for a basement delivery. If the sheets cannot be delivered to the basement, 1-800 Drywall will leave the drywall on the driveway or at a location as instructed by the purchaser. 

*If the product needs to be returned, a credit will be provided for the product, less a $150 attempted delivery fee.

  • For stairwell deliveries, please remove the hand railing (if possible) as this allows for more room to maneuver the drywall sheets when carrying it up or down a flight of stairs.
  • For boom access into the home, there must be a clear "unobstructed" access to the building (i.e. clear of overhead power lines and trees) 
  • For the safety of our delivery personnel we require them to always leave their boots on. We recommend putting down a drop cloth or some cardboard to protect the areas that we will be walking on.
  • Shortages and/or damaged materials must be reported within 24-hours of delivery. 


  • The customer is responsible to ensure that the delivery instructions are clear, and the site is accessible. If the roof cannot be loaded due to any of the conditions below, the product will be placed on a suitable location on the property. 
*If the roofing product needs to be returned due to property issues or if the roof is not ready, a credit will be provided, less a $300 attempted delivery fee

  • IMPORTANT: Our delivery crews will load up to an 8/12 "Roof Pitch" (8" rise over 12") that they determine to be safe and accessible. 
*Our onsite representative has the right to decline a delivery if safety is an issue. 
  • The boom out and up distance to roof must be less than 50 feet. 
  • For boom access onto a roof,  there must be a clear "unobstructed" access to the building (clear of overhead power lines and trees).
  • Products placed on the roof will be secured against movement by standard loading practices; securement is guaranteed for 48-hours. Once workers are working on the roof, 1-800 Drywall will not be responsible for movement or unsecured products. 
  • Shortages and/or damaged materials must be reported within 24-hours of delivery. 
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Manitoba: Winnipeg
Saskatchewan: Regina
Alberta: Edmonton | Calgary | St Albert | Red Deer
British Columbia: Vancouver
Quebec: Gatineau many more communities.

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