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Product Details

Hamilton Pro-Tex Ceiling Texture (15 kg bag)

Hamilton Pro-Tex Ceiling Texture (15 kg bag)
Hamilton Pro-Tex Ceiling Texture

Coverage: Approximately 33-42 square meters (355 to 4500 sq. ft.) per 15 kg bag. Approximate yield per 15 kg bag - 35 litres.
Application: This product can be sprayed with a hand held hopper, stator tube, or pressure pot machine. Interior use only.

Hamilton Pro-Tex Ceiling Texture is a polystyrene based aggregate ceiling texture. When sprayed it produces a white, medium texture finish. Pro-Tex mixes very easily without lumps; it sprays and atomizes very easily, and provides high coverage. 

Pro-Tex can be applied to a variety of properly prepared substrates including drywall, plaster and concrete.
  • Easy mixing
  • Excellent sprayability
  • Very good coverage 

Maintain a minimum air, surface and texture material temperature of 10º C (50º F) for 48 hours prior to application and until completely dry and stable. 

All surfaces must be firm, clean, dry and free of foreign substances. The absorption rate of the surface that Pro-Tex is applied to may cause variation in the texture pattern.

Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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