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Special Order Item #1 - Roofing
Special Order Items
Special Order Item #2 - Roofing
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Special Order Item #4 - Roofing
Special Order Item
BP Shingles Mystique - "FOREST GREEN"
Special Order Products
Fuel Surcharge
Standard Fuel Surcharge
Pallet Deposit
Pallet Deposit 

Pallet Deposit for materials ordered in full quantities. Refundable upon return. 
Temporary Transportation Surcharge (TTS)
Temporary Transportation Surcharge (TTS)

Throughout the pandemic, we have all endured and overcome significant challenges. As we start to move past COVID, there are new and unforeseen global issues pushing up the cost of goods sold to new record levels, including but not limited to, the recent and rapid cost escalation of fuel being felt globally.

It’s safe to say each product we procure is impacted and our ability to absorb these escalating costs has been exhausted.

Depending on the product, manufacturing location, complexity of its makeup, mode of transport, as well as costs incurred offloading and transporting to site, all steps have reached unprecedented levels.

In order for us to service your business, meet schedules, and industry demand we are announcing and implementing a Temporary Transportation Surcharge (TTS) effective April 1st, 2022 as follows –
  • 1% applied to all pick-up orders
  • 2% applied to all deliveries 

We are monitoring these costs consistently and will adjust the rates as they stabilize and come back to more historical rates. We will update you regularly as changes are felt, at this time we have no end date but can assure you this is a temporary measure.
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