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Product Details

4' x 14' x 1/2" CGC SHEETROCK UltraLight Drywall

4' x 14' x 1/2

CGC - 1/2" SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Drywall Panel, 4' x 14' (see Delivery Disclaimer)

CGC's Sheetrock® UltraLight Gypsum Panel is the only certified sag-resistant lightweight wallboard that is ICC certified for both walls and ceilings.

These panels are the lightest 1/2" wallboard panels available weighing 30% lighter or up to 10 pounds less per 12' sheet versus traditional drywall.  These UltraLight panels are the only lightweight 1/2" wallboard that are building code approved for ceiling installations, which means only one type (excluding wet areas) of 1/2" panel is needed for a typical project.

Benefits are:

  • Quicker and Easier Installation
  • Reduces Strain and Fatigue
  • Easy to Score and Snap
  • Tapered Edges for Cleaner Finishing
  • Once primed, can be Painted, Wallpapered, or Textured for the desired look. 
  • A Product of Canada.

Data Sheet

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