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Product Details

OC ProPINK® Fiberglas® Blown-In (19.1 bags per 1000' for R40)

OC ProPINK® Fiberglas® Blown-In (19.1 bags per 1000' for R40)
Owens Corning® ProPINK® FiberGlas® Blown Loosefill Insulation
(Alternative to thermal batt insulation in attics, ceilings, and walls for new construction or retrofit applications)

  • Coverage (minimum # of bags): 19.1 bags for 1000 sq. ft. for R40
  • Coverage (maximum coverage per bag): 52.2 sq. ft. per bag for R40
  • Thickness: 14.6 in. per bag for R40
  • Application: Attics, Ceilings, Walls, Floor Assemblies 

Insulate the attic with Owens Corning® ProPINK® FiberGlas® Blown Loosefill Insulation - Canada's No. 1 home insulation.

OC ProPINK® FiberGlas® Blown-In Insulation has outstanding thermal resistance for maximum energy savings. Homeowners prefer ProPink because it maintains insulating power over time. Since FiberGlas does not absorb moisture, ProPink insulation will not hold water, preventing permanent loss of R-value. When properly installed, ProPink Fiberglas Blown-In Insulation will not settle or deteriorate to maintain insulating value. Safe for any environment, ProPINK FiberGlas Blown-In Insulation is non-combustible, GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified, and contains over 70% recycled content. Designed for blowing application using commercial pneumatic equipment, ProPink FiberGlas Insulation will keep attics warm year over year.

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