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Product Details

BP Shingles Mystique - "SUNSET CEDAR"

BP Shingles Mystique -
BP Shingles - Mystique 42 
Color:    "Sunset Cedar"

Mystique 42 will distiguish your home with "grace and character", protecting your investment and improving resale value.
Uniquely designed with oversized tabs, featuring a dramatic 3-dimensional shadow band to create a sharp slate appearance, which is both eye-catching and strikingly elegant.  
This Canadian made, double laminated shingle provides the first line of defense against the elements.
Featuring patented Weather-Tite 
 Technology, the dual sealant bands, lock out water and wind for maximum resistance to blowoffs.  Mystique has a fibreglass mat, and made with SEBS (Modified Asphalt) for optimial longevity and flexibility, even in cold weather.   

This Class 3 Impact resistant shingle is available in popular colours with bold, lively contrast to enhance your curb appeal. They feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty* for your home with Wind Resistance of 180KM/H  to 220 KM/H Limited Warranty*. 

Product Specification

  • Nominal Size: 42" x 14"
  • Exposure:  6"
  • Shingles per bundle: 19 
  • Coverage per bundle 33.3 sq ft

Roofing SQUARE Information
  • Shingles per Square: 57
  • Bundles per Square 3
  • Coverage per Square ~100 sq ft


  • Limited Life Time Warranty.
  • Standard Wind Resistance (180 KM/Hour 110 MPH wind warranty ).
  • High Wind Resistance (220KM/Hour 135MPH wind warranty as per special application instructions.)
  • .

    Applicable Standards and Code (CSA, ASTM and UL ER)
    • ASTM D-3018,
    • ASTM D 3161, Class A D F Wind
    • ASTM D 7158, Class H Wind
    • UL2390 Class H
    • ASTM D, 3462-09
    • UL 790, Class A Fire Resistance
    • CSA 123-5M


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